Pay Per Click Services

PPC (pay per click) advertisement is the most valuable and effective way of reaching out to your audience on the web. SoftIndigo consults and implements a pay per click campaign for Yahoo Search, Google, MSN and many others.

What is PPC? PPC stands for pay per click services which means You will only be charged when a visitors clicks on your ad which probably a customer.

What will be charges? It always depends upon the competition on that keyword and location where you are targeting.


Who We Are & What can We Do? We are having a team of Pay per Click Services Experts who works on your account Regular basis and optimized it in a way that it charges less to beat competition. We also make sure to win client trust every-time.

Pay per Click Services is very important before you start doing business with us. Please read below and contact us back in case of any query or interest: Management Fee will be only some % of your Budget or some %/- Per Month - Whichever is more.(Other companies charge Management fee). You will be owner of your Account, So anytime you don’t want to use our service you can immediately remove access from our Main account and can link to any other company. (Most of the companies do not give you Account Owner Access so you will always have to depend upon them). If you want to run your account yourself, we will guide you timely with basic steps and you can keep doing this at your end. (Other Agencies do not ever guide you for managing account, so you have to always depend upon them).