Design for Print

Visual communication through images, pictorial presentation etc of any messages or thoughts generated in the mind is known as Graphic design. Different kind of colors, layout of pages etc is being used to it.

It is basically the pictorial presentation of any thought, idea or messages etc. Basically, it involves the scientific method of displaying color and theme of any kind in the form of design and print brochures. Sometimes the color appearance is dynamic in nature. The sole purpose of the color is to give meaningful impression on the viewers.

It is used in the publication of newspaper, magazines etc. Egyptians invented the papyrus paper made from the reeds found around the Nile through which they transcribe the advertisement among the people.


Graphic design as a discipline is first coined by William Addison Dwiggins. France in the nineteenth century especially in United Kingdom the first official publication of printing design and print brochureswas released which marked the separation of graphic design from fine arts. “NEW KIND OF PRINTING CALLS FOR THE DESIGN” released in 1922, it appeared as print by William Addison Designing an American book designer.

The growth of the professional graphic design has been observed to be increasing with the consumerism. So it has great significance with time as a challenge as the major chunk of people is looking for greater significance of it in their life.

It has omnipresence in public places and places like airport, railway station, bus stand etc. In environment graphics, pioneer designers of airport more commonly used in 2014. It is used in decoration, entertainment and visual telling story. It involves the effective orientation and stylization of images. It includes the process school, which is an approach to the subject that is primarily concerned with the subject through which the coding and decoding of messages are being done so this was the way of sending the messages to the society. Computers are considered as an indispensable tool in this industry. Today creative professionals, computer professionals, computer applications professional etc are highly engaged in this industry. The different types of it are interface(for look and feel of web site etc), user experience(user experience of interface) and experiential(for communication skill to build the environment) etc.


Flyers are also known as Pamphlets. Basically the paper advertisement comes under the category of flyers. The wide public distribution system intended in the form of posts and distributed through paper to public places or in mails. Generally they are distributed to people in the public places. The various terminology of it is ‘leaflet’, ‘flier’, ‘circular’, ‘handbill’, ‘poster’, ‘pamphlet’ etc. Likewise the brochure is an informative paper document so used as advertising that can be folded into template, leaflet, pamphlet etc. It is mainly used as informative tool for the company’s product, services to a target group. Flyers are used for individuals, organizations for events such as for advertising purpose. For company recruitment drive from human resource department, for political party campaigns, for businesses purposes like selling of products and services during EOSS (End of seasoned sales) and discounts on products like fmcg, automobiles, retail and whole sales etc. It used for as the informative pieces of paper to know all the aspects or 360 ̊. Both of these are the rich resource of information for public utility. These are utilized in large scale even they stressed on the cost effectiveness. The raw materials used are relatively cheaper and it is easily available. Flyers can be used as the promotional tool for the product and services rendered by any companies. Similarly design and print brochures are used to know all the aspects of any institution, college, any government or private organization etc. Both of these are boon for the society.