HTML5 Development

After HTML, DOM level 2, XML and HTML4, the innovative, skillful minds have come up with something more intriguing and effectual, called ‘html5 web development’.HTML5 web development is the latest evolution of the language HTML. This new version is packed with new elements, attributes, and behaviors and has a larger set of technologies also known as ‘HTML5 web development   Friends’. Beyond the new set of technologies and attributes, the fifth version of HTML is designed to be easily used by all Open Web Developers, Web browsers and common tech-freaks.

HTML5 web development is the current leading markup language developed for structuring and venturing content on the World Wide Web. It can now handle graphic content as well as multimedia with its all new set of features. To enrich the connotation content of indenture many new, interesting APIs, Markups and error handling features. Some new page structure elements such as main, article, section, header, footer, aside, nav and figure, are also added to make the version power packed and fit for indifferent purposes.


It’s a bit different from HTML’s previous versions DOM level 2, XML and HTML4. Some of the cursory differences include new parsing rules – oriented towards flexible parsing and compatibility, ability to use MathML and inline SVG, some global attributes and deprecated elements etc.

The APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) scripting can be defined with HTML5. This scripting can be manoeuvred with Java Script easily and effortlessly. Existing Document Object Model interfaces also known as DOM are extended as some advanced fetching features have been added to it. The list of new APIs includes Web Messaging, Offline, Drag-and-drop, Canvas, Micro data and many more.

Not to mention, Error handling is one of the main features which have made the fifth version so desirable. HTML5 web development is designed in a way that old browsers too can safely and effortlessly overlook   constructs. Beyond this winsome feature, the HTML5 specification gives detailed rules for Parsing and Lexing to allow the compliance browsers produce the similar results when parsing incorrect syntax. HTML5 is the language of trust, advancement and efficacy which is going to take the world forth in an enthralling yet innovative way!