.net Web development

.Net is used for creating web pages and developing web sites. Web sites using CSS, HTML, JAVA SCRIPTING and basic frame work for creating web pages. It supports 3 different modules like web pages, mvc and web forms.4.6 is the latest version of it. Active server pages also known as Classic ASP was introduced in 1998 by the Microsoft first server side scripting language.

ASP is a tool which is used for enabling scripts to web pages by an internet server. It has file extension pages .asp and is found in VB script. It is advanced and very well structured programming language. It is useful in web sites development and web based applications. .net web development software is very famous among developers because it is safe, secure, fast and impressive in nature. More than 100 of web sites have been developed with use of .NET platform including ASP.NET mvc. Developers are well engaged in framing various web sites, portals, content management system ecommerce, applications and other features based on web. .net web development software applications are easy and very user friendly.


It is being used for web pages and various web sites, lots of developers are engaged in framing web pages. With MS visual studio installed, first asp.net website can be created. As it is free web framework for building various web sites. With this various web apps can be build using it. .net web development software is web application frame work marketed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites and also mobile based applications so it is useful in various dynamic ways.